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Meet The Parents

We love our Momma's at Country Sheepadoodles.  They love running around our property



Meet our Rosie, She is a Parti-Poodle and is 55 pounds.  She is mostly brown and white.  She is silly, spunky, loves baseballs and loves to steal toys or shoes from our boys and tease them.


Meet Millie.  She is a Parti-Poodle and is 50 pounds and is so kind and sweet. This is silly and is the protector of our kids.  She likes being close to them and watches over them.  She is trio-colored as well but mostly black and white.  She has gorgeous, large puppies that are so kind, sweet and silly!



This is Humphrey. A beautiful Old English Sheepdog.  He is the father to our puppies. He is goofy, kind and he has never met a human he doesn't love.

Meet The Parents: Females
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