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About Us

We are Mike and Natalie Lee.  We are a small family breeder located in Northern California

(about 45 minutes from Sacramento.)  

We breed F1 Sheepadoodles and only have a limited amount of litters a year. We have two female poodles that are our pets and are the momma's to our puppies.  Rosie and Millie.  Our puppies come from a home full of love and lots of attention from myself, my husband and our two sons (ages 4 and 10.)  

My husband built beautiful indoor/outdoor kennels for our animals. The rooms have heat for the colder months, fans and misters for the summer months and cameras for me to keep an eye on the mommas and puppies. We are very proud of what we do and you can see this with how we take care of our animals.

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Special Deliveries

Meet Danielle and Tori; Mother & Daughter in law duo!  These two help us with puppy deliveries in California. When families cannot drive to pick up their puppies Danielle or Tori will delivery them to you for a fee.  Cleanliness and sanitation are important for them as well as making sure the drive is calm and relaxing for the puppy.

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